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The love of music has always been a major part of my life. Whether it was my Mother singing sweet Lullabies to me, driving in the car with the radio on, or listening to the cacophony of background sound played on an elevator music was there. I learned several languages just by listening to the lyrics of songs. I enjoy and appreciate all types of music but I remember the first I heard electronic music in the 1990’s something happened. This sound was special. It stirred my soul and grabbed my ears. I couldn’t stop listening to it and that passion is still with me today. I realized a few years ago that there was a need for radio stations that was devoted to electronic music. This idea kept growing in my head and eventually motivated me in 2012 to create and establish Diesel.FM. Shortly after the radio was founded I met via the internet Iuliana Dumitrache (GM) and was dumbfounded by our similar views on the radio. It was uncanny, almost as if we had a Vulcan mind meld performed on us by Spock. She immediately joined Diesel.FM and her work and dedication to the radio station have greatly contributed to its success. – Alexandru Anton Andrei (CEO)

Our idea for Diesel.FM was to create a radio station that was different. We wanted a station that didn’t just play the top 40 songs over and over but rather played the current top songs intermixed with new unaired songs. We wanted whole sets of music aired, not just single tracks. We wanted to broadcast events live directly from the clubs. This way our listeners got to experience the whole mood and ambiance of the club scene and DJs got to express their mixing skills. We wanted to air experienced DJs and bring exposure to new and upcoming artists. That is what we have done. Diesel.FM exposes our listeners to a total electronic music experience without being entangled or bogged down with excessive commercialism and boring repetition. We started in March 2012 with just a few close friends as listeners. Today we reach and are listened to by the whole world. We know Diesel.FM will continue to grow and expand from the support of you, our listeners and DJs.

– Diesel.FM Team

Our Team

Alexandru Anton Andrei
Iuliana Dumitrache
General Manager